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DNA TeDNAplantmanchnology and Information for Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Genomics Corporation (MGC) is a molecular information company that applies state-of-the-art life science technology to cannabis plant genetics.  Our products help growers, dispensaries and quality testing shops characterize and understand the quality of medicinal cannabis.   We have coupled our Next Generation Sequencing laboratory and our proprietary Zyphr bioinformatics system with our proprietary qPCR assays to deliver unmatched technical solutions to decipher the genetic code and quality level of your medicinal cannabis.   MGC was the first company to sequence the cannabis genome; our unique knowledge of cannabis and microbial genetics has enabled us to develop solutions that are revolutionary steps forward in addressing the primary unmet needs of medicinal cannabis cultivators and quality control laboratories.



shutterstock_144036889Deep Technical Expertise in Life Sciences and Genomics

Our team has a history of excellence and innovation in the world of genetic science. Many of our scientists played a key research role in the Human Genome Project and have extensive experience in the field of genomics.  In addition, we have developed novel DNA purification technologies and Next-Generation DNA Sequencing technologies which have been widely adopted by major scientific research institutions and commercial enterprises.




UnknownSolutions From Experienced Life Sciences and Diagnostics Operators

MGC’s parent company, Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. (CLS), is a CLIA/CAP certified genetic testing laboratory focused on the diagnosis of a range of neurological disorders that are commonly treated with medicinal cannabis.  CLS utilizes state-of-the-art Next-Generation DNA Sequencing and bioinformatics technology to enable precision medicine.  CLS has partnerships with multiple clinical studies investigating patient genetic profiles and their correlation to cannabis therapeutic response.