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StrainSEQ is Medicinal Genomics proprietary DNA sequencing service for the cannabis plant.  Submit your DNA samples for sequencing and databasing.  The founders of Medicinal Genomics have brought their extensive experience in the Human Genome project to mapping the genetics of the cannabis plant.  Our facility utilizes Illumina’s Next Generation Sequencing technology with ZiPhyr®, our sophisticated bioinformatics system, to map out the genetic blueprint of each unique cannabis strain.

We have developed a database of strain genetics that allows our customers to strain type their plants to ensure product quality and the proper genetic characterization of your products.

Medicinal Genomics’ Proprietary Plant Genomics Database Leverages The Bitcoin Blockchain


  • Easy submission and recovery via Medicinal Genomics Proprietary Blockchain Interface
  • Automatic Comparison to Other Submitted Plant Sequences
  • Automated Time-Stamped Submission
  • Secure Public Database
  • QR Code compatible for quick point of purchase reference to Plant Seq ID